Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go. See this Amazing Country called America

Hi boys.

One of my regrets as you've grown up is that we haven't gotten to take you to see more of this amazing country we live in - America.

I get to see a lot of it as I travel. I'm fortunate in that. Your mother and I have been to some amazing places, and seen some amazing scenery, in our lifetimes.

We've seen the lush farmlands of the Midwest where we live. We've seen the rolling waves of the oceans. We've seen the country life of the deep South. We've seen the broad expanses of the West. We've seen the incredible mountain vistas of the Rockies and the Smokies. We've even seen the wilds of Alaska and the many shades of blues in the islands.
I wish that for you too. Go, as you live life, and see as much of this amazing land as you can.
See the oceans. See the mountains. See the woods and national parks. See as much of it as you can.

Whether you take pictures of it all, like Dad always does, or not. Go, see it.

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