Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life is Like Sled Hill

Hi boys.

Are you watching the Winter Olympics from Vancouver this week? Exciting! Competition at the highest level.

American Shaun White won a Gold Medal for snowboarding. He doesn't look like a typical athlete, but he's really good at his sport. Not only can he go fast downhill without falling, but he can throw all kinds of crazy scary flips and 540s and half-pipes (whatever they are!).

While I was watching the snowboarding competition, I was thinking that life is like sled hill.

Boys, you are beginner snowboarders right now. You can stand up on the flat spot at the top of sled hill. You know what it's like though to start heading down that hill and struggling to keep your balance while you are picking up speed. Watch out! Could be a spill! Or, you can make the run safe and sound.

You could take a safer way, and stay on a sled going down that hill:

I can give you a push, and you'll slide safely down that hill. But, eventually you are on that snowboard and you are on your own with a bigger risk and maybe a bigger thrill.

Life is like that. There are times that you are a beginner, safely in the care of your coaches (parents). There are times that you are learning new things, like getting on that snowboard and learning to keep your balance. There are times that you are flying down that hill enjoying the thrill of the speed. And there are times when bumps and the slickness knock you off of your feet - but you get back up and climb back up that hill and try again.

Live life. Learn the basics - like you learned the sled. But have some adventures, like you snowboards.

Your mother and I love you both deeply, and want the best for both of you. The safety of the top of the hill. The comfort of the sled. The thrill of the snowboard. Live life.

Now, Go Team USA!!!

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