Sunday, March 6, 2011

Encounters with God

Hi boys.

Wow. What a year we have had as a family! Who knew what was in store for us this last year?

We had good times together that I will always remember. Like the good day that we had together on Valentines Day in the picture above.

Or the nights that I got to go individually with each of you for some "Dad time".

Like to the Rivermen game:

or to the Rock and Worship Roadshow concert with Matt Maher:

Those are great memories. Let's hold on to these great memories when we have difficult times as a family. And we certainly had tough times to get through this year as a family. But, we made it through them and I won't dwell on them.

One special thing about our family that I am remembering today is the we each - all four of us, individually, had our times to have an encounter with God.

Mom started us off by going to an "Encounter" weekend at church. A whole weekend of learning, singing, praying, and spending time refreshing her experience with God. You know that she was blessed by that weekend, and encouraged us to go.

And I went to my own "Encounter" weekend and had a similar experience. Touched again by God's grace.

And then each of you in your turn. Having your own weekend to get blessed and to learn about God's love for you.

Your mother and I want all the best for you in your lives. Always remember what you learned in these encounters with God. Stay with God your whole life, and you will be blessed for it. We believe that, and want that for you.

Love you both.


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